Jim Tressel Encourages Success


Akron Beacon Journal

University of Akron presidential finalist Jim Tressel answers questions during a public forum held at the Student Union on the University of Akron campus Thursday May 1, 2014. (Karen Schiely/Akron Beacon Journal)___

Jim Tressel is the former OSU football coach and currently the president of Youngstown State University. Tressel visited DAHS March 4th, 2016 and spoke to the students at an all school assembly in the auditorium. He discussed the four steps to success and three tips to go along with these steps.

The four steps to success that Mr. Tressel discussed were, as you dream, you need to have a plan, work hard, handle the ups and downs, and believe in yourself. One of the three tips to success that he also discussed were friends. He said show me your friends and I will tell you your future, meaning the people you are friends with can have a big impact on your future. His other two tips were involve yourself in activities and learn finances.

Tressel had students go up on the stage with him. He gave students prizes for remembering the steps and tips that he discussed. I think it was a great idea to have Jim Tressel speak to our school. The students really took in what he was saying and hopefully it will have a positive influence.