DAHS Physics Olympics Team Finishes First at Y.S.U.


The Physics Olympics were held on February 27, 2016 at Youngstown State University. The purpose of this competition is to engage students in physics and demonstrate their ability to apply physics knowledge. There were 15 schools from the 5 county area who competed. Lisbon and Beaver Local were the only two Columbiana County schools.

The Lisbon team was first overall of all the schools who attended. There were 12 different events; the Fermi Quiz, Quiz Show, Flying Machine, Balsa Wood Bridge, Hot Water Maker, House of Cards, Mousetrap Racer, Ping Pong Ball Launch, Physic Phloater, Hang Up, Music Making, and the Egg Bouncer.

The individual results for Lisbon students were:

Fermi – 2nd place Trevor Reese, Jamie Vaughn, and Austin Rutecki,

Quiz Show – 5th place Trevor Reese, Leah Emmerling, and Kyle French

Flying Machine- 7th place Maddie Crawford and Emily Steves

Balsa Wood Bridge – 2nd place Taylor Siefke

Hot Water Maker – 3rd place Trevor Reese and Austin Rutecki

House of Cards – 1st place Kyle French and Jamie Vaughn

Mousetrap Racer – 6th place Josh Craig

Ping Pong Ball Launch – 2nd place Josh Liberati and Cody Freeland

Physics Phloater – 5th place Hannah Hiscox and Leah Emmerling

Hang Up – 4th place Brianna Pickens

Music Making – 5th place Kyle French, Brianna Pickens, and Jamie Vaughn

Egg Bouncer – 4th place Maddie Crawford and Emily Steves

Congratulations to the DAHS Physics Olympics team!