1,000 Points for Avery Andric


Avery Andric shot his 1000 point as a Blue Devil on February 12th at home against Beaver Local. Avery was very nervous going into the game and felt a lot of pressure because he was close to reaching 1000 points and wanted to get it at home. It was also senior night which made it a great memory for him.

During the game Avery missed his free throws and started getting frustrated, but when he finally made it, it was a breath of relief. Avery was so happy and said it will be a moment he will never forget.

As a kid Avery looked up to several athletes, but his local athlete was Lucian Smith. When he was young, he remembers going outside and shooting with Lucian. Lucian played a big part in why Avery loves basketball. Avery is very thankful for all the support his family has given him and how they always push him to be the best he can be.

Before the season is over there is a possibility that Avery could break the 3-pointers in a career record. The main goal for Avery is to focus on the district championship, then regionals, then state. “We are a special team and have a long tournament run ahead.”