Josh Liberati Reaches 1,000 Points


Josh Liberati, a senior on the DAHS basketball team, recently reached 1,000 points on Friday, February 5th against Columbiana. Josh was a little nervous but he wanted the pressure off of him to score the 1,000 point basket. After he made the shot, he was relieved that he did it.

As a freshman, Josh never thought that he would make it to 1,000 points. He thought it would be awesome but he never thought of reaching 1,000. Josh looks up to his grandpa, who was good at basketball as well. When he needs some advice, his grandpa is there to help him.

When Josh reached 1,000 points he was happy and relieved because he could now focus on the game and the rest of the season. One last goal for Josh before the season is over is he wants to make a run in the tourney with his team.