Swimmer – Thomas Bleakney


Thomas Bleakney is a fifteen year old freshman at David Anderson. Thomas is the only member of the swim team here at school. His best memory from being on the team is the Spire event. He stated, “The blocks are amazing because you can adjust them to your fit.” Thomas wishes there were more people on the team so that he could participate in the relays. Since Thomas is the only one on the team, he works really hard to place. He practices at the Salem Community Center so he can be prepared for his events.

He was asked why he joined the swim team and he responded back, “I joined the high school swim team to be with friends in Salem, Crestview, and South Range. I had to choose to leave the Piranhas for the season because I can’t do both, sadly.” Thomas’s favorite events and the events his coach normally puts him in are the 100, 200, 600, which are freestyles. He does a 200 which is an individual medley (IM), a 100 breast stroke and a 100 back stroke.