Mock Trial


Mock Trial is a competition based on a court cast provided by the state of Ohio. The competition is a morning trial and an afternoon trial, where two attorneys and two witnesses are competing for each team. One side plays the defense and the other is the plaintiffs. They are scored by a panel of three judges and/or attorneys. There are two preparations that they do in order to get ready for the trial. In November they first read the whole trial and highlighted the important parts. Then the roles are assigned and consultation is made with a legal consultant. When they practice they go over the entire trial.

The students have recently gone to the district competition on Friday January 29th. The team was 2-0 at the district competition and will advance to the regionals. This district competition invites over 300 schools to compete across the state. Any school that wins both trials will advance to the regional competition and any school at regionals who is 2-0 will advance to the state competition. There are a few perks to joining mock trail, people have stated that they have acquired organizational skills and public speaking abilities. Some of the students who participated in mock trial and graduated from Lisbon later went on to law school. Good luck to the team at regionals!