Junior High Girls Basketball Update


The 7th and 8th grade Girls Basketball teams have had a very exciting season so far. The 7th grade girls have a record of 4-8 and the 8th grade girls have a record of 12-1. Both teams’ biggest accomplishments are learning to play as a team. 

The 7th grade girl’s biggest competition this year is McDonald. Coach Lauren Glenn said, “They are very talented and have excellent fundamental skills.” The 8th grade girl’s biggest competition is Crestview. The 7th grade girls’ goals for the season are to develop and play as a team, to build confidence, and to win some games. The 8th grade girls’ goal is to win the championship. Both teams have accomplished some of their goals, and plan to accomplish them all through the season! 

There are many highlights with the Junior High Girls Basketball teams. Coach Lauren Glenn mentioned that the most enjoyable aspect about coaching the 7th grade girls is, “getting to know them and watching their excitement as they improve throughout the season.” Coach Henry Glenn said that the most enjoyable thing about coaching the 8th grade girls is sharing in their success. 

After a long season, the most memorable moment for the 7th grade girls’ basketball team is losing to Columbiana 18-19. Even though they lost, it was a well-played, exciting game and they NEVER gave up. The most memorable moment for the 8th grade girls is dedicating the remainder of the season to Abby after her injury. Overall, it was a successful, fun season for the Junior High Girls Basketball Teams.