Josh Craig Scores 1,000 Points


On January 7, 2016, Josh Craig scored his 1000th point against Leetonia. Josh is a senior at DAHS and has been playing basketball here since his freshman year. He and his dad sat down together before this year’s season and added up all of his points from the past three years. Josh realized then that he could make it to the 1,000 point mark. He pushed hard every game to earn it and he continues to do so.  Josh never thought it would happen to him freshman through junior year so he just kept playing. When he reached his 1,000 points, Josh commented, “The feeling of pure joy filled my body knowing that I did something that’s hard for some people was amazing. I couldn’t keep a smile off my face.”

Josh has played with the same four guys for the past four years. He said that they have a connection that no other team has. They know where they are on the floor the entire time and know how to communicate between themselves and he loves them.

Josh does not have just one player that he looks up to in basketball. He admires Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony and many more legends and current players. Josh said that they all have something special. He looks to take each trait that they have, learn it, and try to use it in his game.

The last few games before Leetonia, he played a little more intense. Going into the game, Josh was more excited than nervous and once it happened, he said a weight was lifted off of his shoulders. Congratulations to Josh on reaching 1000 points!