Girls Basketball Team – Preview


The girls basketball team is opening up the season at home against the United Eagles on November 21. Coach Thompson believes this season will be very successful. In discussing the senior members of the team, Coach Thompson stated that Hannah Prasco, “is one of our strongest shooters and she understands the game very well.” He also stated that Taylor Siefke is a very fundamentally sound basketball player and she does what is asked of her to the best of her abilities at all times. Coach Thompson stated that Kayla Dickson is the hardest working player on the team. She does everything that no one else wants to do, and according to Thompson, “she is our strongest kid.”

Coach Thompson believes the team has many strong scorers. He stated that there are multiple guards with different strengths, “shooters, drivers, post players who can score in the low post.” He said that the players have the ability to score in multiple different ways. He believes that every returning letterman is important to have back, but for all different reasons. Some lettermen are good to have back for their leadership skills and to show other players how things need to be done, while others are there for the experience and game knowledge. Good luck to the Lady Devils for a great season!