Should Middle School Students be Drug Tested?


Middle school students should be drug tested. They should be drug tested because kids who do drugs are just ruining their life. They are on the wrong path in life. If students are drug tested younger, this will hopefully help them decide to quit. Drugs are bad for you and can completely ruin your life.

Drugs can do physical and mental harm to you and your health.  So if any middle schoolers are doing drugs, it is best to find out and get the help they need. In society today all people should be randomly drug tested, especially if they are participating in any sports, activities or clubs involving school, including middle school students.

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, statistics show, “the use of marijuana remained steady among 8th graders at 6.5 percent, among 10th graders at 16.6 percent, and among 12th graders at 21.2 percent. Close to 6 percent of 12th graders report daily use of marijuana (similar to 2013), and 81 percent of them said the drug is easy to get.” This just further proves the importance of testing students at a younger age to help prevent further drug abuse as they grow older.