Student Senate Leadership Summit


On Friday, October 24th, the Junior High Student Senate attended a Leadership Summit at Kent State University in Salem. The members that attended were Madelyn Liberati, Ben Coleman, Lexie Gentry, Alivia Leyman, Laura Waters, Isabell Perez, Nicolas Mundy, and Tyler Toot.

The students began their day by filling out a guide for student services in the student lounge. Then they went to the lecture hall and listened to keynote speakers, Drew Caldwell and Charlie Myers. The speakers talked about leadership qualities and how a moment in your life could have a strong impact on someone else’s life without you even knowing it.

The students then broke into two sections which were called Justice Talking and Effective Leadership Academy. They worked on many different activities while they were in the different groups. Last, the students attended a Volunteer Agency Fair in the student lounge. They were able to collect information and resources that will help them with their community service projects. Overall the day was a big success.