2015 Hunting Season


The 2015 bow hunting season for deer kicked off September 26th. It will continue all the way until February 7, 2016. Youth shotgun season will be November 21st and 22nd. The regular shotgun season will be November 30th through December 6th. They have also added two more days at the end of December for shotgun season which will be December 26-27. Muzzleloader season will be January 2nd through January 5th.

There has been a change to the bag limit for this year. Last year you were able to get 9 deer but you could only shoot 3 in each county. This year they changed the bag limit to 6, and you can only shoot 3 in each county.

There is not a large number of students at DAHS that hunt. Of those that do hunt, more students prefer hunting during shotgun season because a shotgun has more power than a bow. Also, more students like a shotgun rather than a muzzleloader.