Are Girls Pressured to Look Good?


I honestly think that girls are pressured to look good. This is mainly for other people. They think that if they do not live up to other people’s standards on the appearance scale, then they will be judged and possibly not be liked. I asked students their opinions on this subject. Seven out of ten people think that girls are pressured to look good while three out of ten think that they are not.

Generally, people judge other people in their everyday life. This is partially based on what a person wears and how they look. But teens deal with this at school more than you think. Some teens classify others as “not good enough” because of their appearance. They think that just because someone is not wearing the types of clothes they wear or look the way they look then the person does not belong. This superficial judgment of people seems to have increased over the years with more emphasis on clothing labels. Yet some students do not care what they look like and are not bothered by these judgments. But other students think that what they look like is the only thing that matters. What if we could change these views? School would be a much happier place.