Junior High Volleyball


The 7th grade volleyball team has ended the season with a record of 11-4. They are coached by Tiffany Toot. The captains for the 7th grade team are Taylor Deland and Maddie Wells. The top players for the team are Trenidy Barnes with high points in serves, Taylor Deland with hits and serves, Maddie Wells with assists, and Brooke Vangeisan who is a good hustler on the court and always going for the ball.

Some highlights of the season include how they lost the first game to United, but came back, fought hard and won the match. Coach Toot said, “The girls have done a great job this year. Some girls came in with no knowledge of the game. They have grown as individuals to become a very good team. They can read each other and read the court. I am very proud of them and hope we continue our success during tournaments which have already begun.”

The 8th grade volleyball team is now 7-3. The captains of the junior high volleyball team are Abby Davis and Alivia Leyman. The top players for the 8th grade team include Madelyn Liberati, Laura Waters, Abby Davis and Emily Weddle. Madelyn Liberati is real aggressive at the net and shines with blocks, serves, and spikes. Laura Waters has great passes and hustles on and off the floor. Abby Davis can play any position when it is needed. Emily Weddle has a good arm for her serves.

Coach Matthews stated that the highlights of the 8th grade season are that the girls have won some tough matches together and really play as a team. All the players will step up when it’s needed in any game. Coach Matthews said, “This group of young ladies is a very talented group of young volleyball players. They have a very strong desire to do their best.” Good luck in tournament play!