Football Spirit Week


Football spirit week is always a fun time at DAHS, but this year as our football team defends its 6-0 record, there is growing excitement.

There was some new ideas for this spirit week. The plan for the themes was to have more students participate, have fun and enjoy adding their own touch to each day.

Monday was Pink Out Day to support the fight against breast cancer. October is breast cancer awareness month and this a nice way to show our school support of those who are survivors or in the battle to defeat it.

Tuesday was Duo Day, dress up as your favorite duo, such as Batman & Robin. Duo day was meant for students to work together to recreate their favorite duos from cartoons, movies, or T.V. shows.

Wednesday was a class war where every class had a different theme. The high school seniors were Black Out, juniors were Nerds, sophomores were Mix-Match, and freshmen were Neon. The junior high 8th grade was Camo, 7th grade was Crazy Socks, and 6th grade was Funny Hats. The class war was meant to see how many class participants we could get. Each class was challenged by the next and they made it a fun duel to see which class could come up with the most spirit.

Thursday we dressed as our favorite villain or hero. Heroes and villains are a must when it comes to most things, so we let the students use their imagination to dress up. Some decided to go the classic route with Batman and the Joker but some chose different heroes such as a doctor or nurse.

Friday, like every year, is Extreme Blue & White Day. The students are highly encouraged to dress up in as much blue and white as they can find. This is to show school spirit and support our football team as they get ready to battle Southern Local. Go Blue Devils!