Highlights of Summer – 8th Graders


The eight grade students are enjoying their last year as junior high students before they move on to high school. We asked Mrs. Crawford’s class about the highlights of this past summer. Here is what they said:

Cassie Brandt said the highlight of her summer was going to the beach with her family.

Alivia Leyman said the highlight of her summer was Bikini Season.

Maddie Liberati said the highlight of her summer was not having to wake up early.

Nicolas Mundy went to Myrtle Beach and so did Nevaeh Burkholder, Nevaeh also went to New York. Michael Davis went to Florida with Jared White and played basketball every day.

Austin Craig said the highlight of his summer was golfing with his dad at Salem Golf Club.

Kyia Tingler played with her dogs and went swimming at the mountaineer.

Tristen Jodon enjoyed getting ready for junior high football, and Jeremy Bricker enjoyed getting ready for high school football where he helps the team out as ball boy and water boy.

Jacob Manypenny enjoyed getting to touch stingrays.

Amanda French enjoyed eating her grandma’s food.

Emily Weddle liked going to the fair over the summer.

Zane Tray enjoyed eating turtles.

Cheyanne Schreffler had a blast going to the zoo.

Lilian Downard enjoyed going to Florida with her family for a week.

Kris Monigold played video games over the summer.

Robbie Berg said the highlight of his summer was crashing the gator in the hollows with his friends.

Bryanna Vangiesen went to New York and Pennsylvania and had a family reunion, swam and got smoked fish.

Kenai Ray went to Busch Gardens, Virginia Beach, and Colonial Williamsburg.

Josh Rzucidlo stayed with his brother for a week in Kent, Ohio.

Raven Baughman and Abby Davis both enjoyed spending time with their friends.

Jaikep Entriken ran in the Demolition Derby at the County Fair and got 3rd place.

Dillon Cousins went to Cedar Point for vacation.

Kaden Crawford said he went on a big scavenger hunt.

Justyn Briand went to a Kid Rock concert with friends and family.

Daniel Fox went to the pool with friends.

Isabell Perez snuck into a J. Cole concert.

Galen Damron went to Indiana for a vacation.

Jaden Harmon went to the Niagara Falls.

Sam Holshue raced in a hare scramble quad race.

Mindy McGuire stayed at her friends and went swimming.

Makenna Swanson went to a Pirate’s game with her family.

Payten Densmore went to Arizona to visit family.

Anna Lange went to Put-in-Bay.

Laura Waters went to Tennessee for vacation.

Joey Ebert said his highlight of his summer was going to Boys Scout camp.

The 8th graders have wonderful highlights from summer and we are sure they will make more great memories this school year!