2015 Volleyball Team


The volleyball team is finishing up their regular season with an 11-7 record.  The senior members of the Volleyball team are Kayla Dickson (#42), Hannah Hiscox (#12), Emily Steves (#5), and Taylor Siefke (#25).  These four seniors are also the team captains. They were voted team captains by their teammates.

The top players of the volleyball team are Kimmi Wiggers, averaging 17 kills per game and 12 digs per game, Karlee Pezzano, averaging 31 assists per game, and Taylor Siefke, averaging 10 kills per game plus 3 blocks a game.

Coach Nyardy stated that the highlights of the season were beating Crestview in five games in week two of the season and playing as a team and learning to win together. She said “I am very proud of each and every girl on the high school Volleyball team so far for working so hard! I also want to note that they are working hard to change the culture of “Lisbon Volleyball” by taking pride in themselves and their teammates. We have started the season at 6-4 and are beating teams we have not beat in 4-5 years. The girls have enjoyed having fans and a cheering section at our home games and hope the students of DAHS come to the games and cheer us on to a winning season.” So as you can see Coach Nyardy and the girls of DAHS Volleyball are really proud of the season.