Senior Wills

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I, Jenna Bartholomew, leave my dad’s chili to Mr. McMurray because I know how much he’ll miss it.
I, Lucas Clemens, leave my trombone to Jamie Vaughn.
I, JJ Crow, pass down my athletic ability to Danny Shultz.
I, Jacob Downard, leave 3 hidden holy grails of history to those who need it.
I, RJ Egelhoff, pass my torch down to Cade Zimmermann.
I, Natalie Esterly, want to leave my mindset to never quit to Mackenzie Mason.
I, Bobbi Jo Evans, leave my best wishes and good luck in running the rest of high school to Lindsey Chudlinski.
I, Mike Evans, pass down my ability to drain 3 pointers to Avery Andric because he is in need.
I, Quin Ferrier, leave my cuffed capris and contagious smile to Serena Underwood.
I, Olivia Freeman, leave nothing to all of you.
I, Brittney Haynes, leave my organizational skills to anyone who may need them.
I, Lonnie Johnson, leave my dashing good looks and golf expertise to Avery Andric.
I, Logan Kress, pass down my hunting skills to Jaret Everett. He needs to shoot a big buck.
I, Landri Moore, leave my buffalo chicken dip recipe to Mr. McMurray with the request that it is not used for future Calc-Family parties.
I, Michael Phillips, leave behind my beautiful fro to Jamie Vaughn. May he live in its glory as I have.
I, Robert Powell, leave behind my Ford to Lucas Vollnogle since he drives a Chevy.
I, Ariel Rauch, leave with nothing to give because I’m going to need everything on my side where I’m going.
I, Vanessa Restifo, leave my banana cream pie recipe to Mr. McMurray for the next Pi Day.
I, Kyrstan Rose, leave my loud mouth spirit and sass to Emily Steves.
I, David Stryffeler, leave my running shoes to Mark McGuire.
I, Noah Sturgeon, leave my knowledge of history to Jacob Mundy and Brian Dickson with my best wishes to all.
I, Hunter Thompson, leave my good looks and charm to Mathew Hull. May he have more success than I.
I, Lindsey Haynes, bequeath the folder of mp3’s to Haille Metzgar. May they make their way into the announcements sometime, for that is their intended purpose.
I, Maggie Burton, bequeath my lovable personality and absolute perfection to Mr. Walgate. Since you won’t find another amazing office aid like me, I also give my work ethic. Use it well. You need it.
I, Tiffany Ketchum, pass down my left hook to Karlee Pezzano.
I, Terry Ballard, leave my sense of humor to Bryanna Curfman, my kindness to Samantha Huff, and my love of books to Mr. Bing.