Columbiana County Youth Leadership Brunch

Columbiana County Youth Leadership Brunch

Last week, members of the 7th and 8th grade Student Senate attended the Columbiana County Youth Leadership Brunch at the Salem Golf Club. The students were honored for their efforts in community service and presented their own Leadership Project for this community.

The Lisbon Junior High Student Senate, led by Mrs. Smith, decided to do their Leadership Summit Project on raising money to help renovate the Lisbon Play Town Park.  They felt this community service would benefit the Elementary and High School students as well as the entire community.

They started off their fundraising with a candy cane sale in December.  They donated all the candy canes themselves and then sold them for a $1.00 each.  They made a profit of $75.00 on the sale.  Then, they spent time after school making crayon molds to sell for .50 cents at the McKinley Elementary Building in February.   They had a lot of fun making the crayon molds and baking them in the home economics room.  They have several pictures of the designs that they sold on their display board.  They made $45.00 on this fundraiser.

They will be donating these two fundraisers to the Village of Lisbon.  Dana Blackburn, who works at the Lisbon Pool, was their contact person for this fundraiser.  She would like this money to be used to buy grass seed and stain for the playground. They will also be volunteering their time to help plant the grass seed sometime before May 8th.

Finally, they plan to do one last fundraiser where they will invite the students of the Junior High School to come to the park on a school day and have organized activities that they will have to pay to participate in, as well as refreshments for them to buy.

They also spent a day at the park cleaning up sticks and garbage.  They have several pictures of this on their display board. They are really looking forward to seeing their efforts benefit our community for years to come.