YSU Physics Olympics


Mrs. McCullough’s senior physics class traveled to YSU for Physics Olympics on March 7th to compete against 17 other local schools in the annual event. Individual winners include Haille Reiss, Clay McCullough, David Stryffler, and Jacob Downard, who all brought home first place metals. Haille won for her creative and interactive poster on rotational motion; Clay and David impressed the judges with their 11 degree temperature raise in the hot water contest; Jacob and David won with their Eiffel tower in the event called House of Cards with a height of 171 cm, taking the lead by 40 cm! Other events including the Mouse Trap Car Racer, Physics Phloater, Egg Drop, and Ping Pong Ball Launch also placed in the top ten, contributing to the overall team score. With the help of mascot Harold, the physics team brought home a second place trophy for the first time since 2007. Congratulations to Mrs. McCullough and her physics class!