Mock Trial 2015


On Friday, January 30th, our Mock Trial Blue and White Teams traveled to the courthouse in downtown Lisbon to compete against Hubbard A and Hubbard B Teams. It is required that each team has four attorneys and four witnesses. Our Blue Team attorneys are Kyrstan Rose, Jake Liberati, Josh Liberati, and Trevor Reese; and Blue Team witnesses are Landri Moore, Spencer Crosser, Cody Freeland, and Julie Muntean. Our White Team attorneys are Hannah Bosel, Lindsey Chludzinski, Clay McCullough, and Josh Craig; and White Team witnesses are Eva Deruyter, Aliyah Leyman, Kaitlyn Gorby, and Courtney Tolson. The presented case was about a convict suing an institution for violating his 8th Amendment right.

During the trials, several participants were chosen as best attorney and best witness. Best attorneys were Josh Liberati, Kyrstan Rose, and Lindsey Chludzinski. Best witnesses were Cody Freeland and Aliyah Leyman. The White Team went 2 – 0 down at the court house against Hubbard and will be advancing to Akron for the regional competition on Friday, Febrauary 20th. They are hoping for great success and to be able to advance on to the state competition.