OGT and PARCC Testing Tips

OGT and PARCC Testing Tips

With all of the upcoming tests for many of our students, some of students may be feeling a bit stressed. We have come up with a few test-taking tips to help you go into your tests feeling confident and prepared. Get ready to ace those OGT’s and PARCC’s!

Things to do before the test:

1. Budget your time, allowing yourself time to study so you are well prepared.

2. Mange your study space; you want to study at a desk or table, not your bed!

3. Get organized, have all your studying supplies in one spot.

4. Go over any materials from practice tests, homework, text books and class notes.

5. Get the supplies you will need ready the night before.

6. Try to get 8 hours of sleep the night before.

7. Eat a well-balanced meal before you take the test.

Things NOT to do before a test:

1. Do NOT stay out late with your friends; get home at a decent time to look over your notes.

2. Do NOT cram it all in the night before.

3. Do NOT stay up all night. You don’t want to be tired when you test.

4. Do NOT skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

5 .Do NOT eat junk for breakfast. Give your brain some food like eggs, or blueberries that maximize your mental processes.