Snow Days and Delays


Everyone loves snow days and delays but when is it a little too much? I personally love snow days and being able to sleep in on 2 hour delays. The weather has been crazy lately, but sometimes too many schedule changes are exhausting because you get to sleep in on some days, and then have your regular schedule on other days. It throws your whole sleep cycle off and you become tired during the day. This week, February 9-13 temperatures will be between 12 degrees through 39 degrees. Monday has a 60% chance of snow showers, Tuesday AM clouds/ PM sun with a 10% chance of rain, Wednesday is cloudy with 20% chance of rain, Thursday 40% snow showers, and Friday the 13th is partly cloudy with 10% chance of snow showers. So with a look at the future weather, what are your thoughts on all of our cancellations and delays?