Teacher Guess-A-Roo


This person is 5’10. Their favorite subject in high school was math. They use to tap dance when they were younger. They went to Leetonia High School and had jet black hair that looked like it came from a bottle.  In high school this person also played football and wrestled for one year and played basketball for two years. After high school they decided to go out of state to college. The reason this person became a teacher was because they had many teachers inspire them. Their biggest achievement was becoming a teacher at Lisbon. They said that one thing that they would like to accomplish was to become a rock and roll star and have everyone yelling for them on stage. They met their spouse in college while driving a transport bus. When this person got married they decided to name their first son after their brother Douglas, because they looked up to him so much. They have three children.

Can you guess who this is?