Jr. High Girls Basketball


The Junior High Girls Basketball teams have been having a great season so far. They play on Mondays, Wednesday, and Thursdays. Sarah Boyd is the coach for the 7th grade team and Henry Glenn is the coach for the 8th grade team. The 7th grade girls’ record is 8-2, and the 8th grade girls’ record is 9-1. “Since the beginning of the season I believe they have improved a lot! And they just continue to work their hardest and giving 100% every practice and every game!” said Coach Sarah Boyd.

The leading scorer for the 7th grade girls is Izzy Perez and the leading scorer for the 8th grade girls is Autumn Oehlstrom. Both 7th and 8th grade teams are great shooting teams and at least one person is scoring in the double digits per game. Both teams have evolved since their first game to where they are at now. During the first game, both teams struggled with nerves and now they can go out and play the game without any second thoughts. They are definitely more confident in one another and themselves which makes them both such successful teams.