Movie Review: Taken 3


Taken 3 is the final movie to be released in the Taken trilogy. Liam Neeson plays the role of Bryan Mills, a retired CIA agent. In Taken, his daughter Kim travels to Europe and was kidnapped. Through the process of saving her, he creates enemies. In Taken 2, his enemies are back to try and kill him and his family. Though, his adversaries are soon defeated. Now they are back in the final installment of the Taken trilogy to attempt to frame him for the murder of his ex-wife. With the help of his allies from the CIA and using his acquired skills, he begins a long, rigorous journey to prove his innocence.

In rating Taken 3, I would give it a 4 out of 5. Liam Neeson’s acting is always believable and he plays the part of a roughed-up CIA agent very well. There’s also a twist in the movie that leaves you feeling caught off guard, and because of that, it made the experience of watching the movie even better. On the critic site of Rotten Tomatoes though, they only give it a 10% rating out of 100%. Some claimed that the movie was neither good nor bad, creating a sense of indifference and lack of interest; therefore the movie failed to make any sort of impact.