6th Grade Christmas Wishes


With Christmas just around the corner we recently asked the 6th grade what their Christmas wishes were for this year. Their Christmas Wishes were….

“I wish for love, peace, and happiness.”—Matt Mays

“I wish for a dirt bike.”—Phoenix Stephens

“I wish for the stop of animal abuse.”—Brooke Jones

“My wish is for homeless people to receive a home for Christmas.”—Trenidy Barnes

“My Christmas wish is to end world hunger.”—Trey Wells

“I wish for one million dollars.”—Alexis Stover

“I wish for more 39 Clues books.”—Austin Cook

“I wish for peace on earth and for everyone to have fun.”—Kiana Howe

“I wish that everybody would get along.”—Madison Myers

“I wish for a lot of snow.”—Brett Davis

“I wish to be with my family this year.”—Gracie Baughman

“I wish for  an IPhone 4S.”—Raegan Loy

“I wish for a bunny for Christmas.”—Autumn Heninger

“I wish to stop child and animal abuse.”—Nikolas Rife

“My wish is have a happy Christmas with my family, to get a new phone, and to stop child and animal abuse.”—Brooke Vanlaesen

“My wish is to get better grades and to be better at sports.”—Braeden Joy

“My wish is for my cousin Anthony Leone to come home from the service this Christmas.”—Madalyn Buchanan

“My wish is for my Grandpa’s spirit to join my family for Christmas Eve.”—Grace Beil

“My wish is to have a happy Christmas with family and friends.”—Emma Thompson

“My wish is for Microsoft Points.”—Dillon Ardeno

“My Christmas wish is for everyone to accept pit bulls.”—Blake Donaldson

“My wish is for a puppy or a dog.”—Olivia McCoy

“I wish for a baby Bunny!”—Tessa Keener

“I wish for a new necklace.”—Leah Berg

“I wish for a new computer for our family.”—Ellie Emmerling

“I wish for Far Cry 4.”—Gabe Damron

“I wish for a new basketball.”—Megan Chludzinski

“I wish for an IPhone 6+.”—Leah Achberger

“I wish for books.”—Kaity Clark

“I wish I could make sure that orphans could have a Christmas full of happiness.”—Breana Roberts

“My Christmas wish is for kids who don’t get anything to get everything they want.”—Harley Buzzard