Cultural Exchange Presentations


In keeping with tradition, DAHS has two foreign exchange students this year, Anna Krause from Germany and Shruti Patel from India. Both are here for the entire year and are enjoying their time in America. In order to raise cultural awareness for the students, Shruti and Anna gave presentations on their home countries and cultures in many of their classes.

Shruti Patel is from Gujarat State of India and is staying with the Munteans. In her presentation, she gave many facts and figures on her country’s economy. Shruti also brought in some mementos from home: the Indian currency (rupees), good luck charms, some Indian food and spices, and traditional clothing, including a sari. The students seemed to be most interested, though, in her slideshow on the many festivals and holidays that occur throughout the year. They celebrate an independence day, a festival of lights, harvest festivals, and many religious holidays. The best part of her presentation may have been when a few classmates got to wear Shruti’s clothing. All of her outfits were very colorful and adorned with embroidery or jewels and beads. Mrs. McCullough even tried on the sari!

Anna Krause is from Bad Oldesloe, Germany (next to Hamburg). Anna spent her first two months in America in Pennsylvania with another host family before she came to DAHS to live with the McNeals. In her presentation, Anna shared that she loves the beach and she goes often since she lives so close to one. Unlike our school, in her school the students were allowed to leave for lunch. Also, the schools were normally separated into low education, normal, and high. But Anna’s school was an exception and anyone and everyone was allowed to attend. She shared that the legal drinking age in Germany is 16.

The students enjoyed both presentations very much and had fun getting to know the exchange students while learning about their cultures. We are all happy to have Anna and Shruti here at DAHS, and we look forward to spending the year with them!