Tech Debate: Apple iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy


The newest phones have come out. The iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S5. The iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy have been a hit ever since they came out, and people have been buying them left and right. But there are a few glitches with each of the newest phones.

The iPhone 6 is Apple’s newest creation. The iPhone has had its ups and downs with a lot of people. The recent news about the iPhone is that the 6 can bend in your pocket; multiple people have done a bend test on the iPhone and the iPhone did bend. Some consumers have argued that it was not true that the iPhone bends. The iPhone 6 is also the same size as the Samsung Galaxy S5. The upside of the iPhone 6 is that it is larger,  faster and has newer and better qualities. The people who prefer iPhones have said that the iPhone 6 is the best one yet.

The newest for Android is the Samsung Galaxy S5. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been a hit with the people who are in love with Androids. The Galaxy has multiple upsides to it. It has more detail to it. The phone lets you personalize anything on it. An example would be the lock screen; you can choose if you want an effect when you unlock it. The Samsung Galaxy has a lot of upsides but also some downsides. The downsides to the phone is that it can be slow when there are a lot of games or pictures on the phone. The Samsung also can lag sometimes.

The iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy are liked by many, with varying opinions on which phone is best. The phones both have their benefits, it just depends on what you prefer. They are both quality phones that I would recommend.