Student Showcase: Natalie Esterly


Natalie Esterly, a senior here at DAHS, loves to ride horses in her spare time. Her horse is a registered Paint, but it is actually a Bay. The name of her male horse is Riley. Natalie will take Riley to many competitions throughout the year.

The classes she shows him in are called English and Western Pleasure. These are mainly for young riders in the state of Ohio. Natalie also takes Riley to jump competitions. She won a Grand Champion in 2012 for the Senior Pleasure Awards.

Natalie has owned Riley for 4 years and plans on keeping him for a while. She said he will not retire until he is no longer able to compete. Natalie does not keep Riley on her own property; instead, he stays at her grandparents’ house. Ultimately, Riley has been a faithful horse over the past couple of years.