Hunting Season


Some people may not think hunting is a sport, but many DAHS students that hunt believe differently. The biggest die-hard hunters in this school are Mike Evans, Anthony Rhodes, Hunter Thompson, Jared Merriman, Logan Kress, and Jaret Everett.

Mike Evans shot a 133 3/8 inch white-tailed buck this year. Jaret Everett shot an 8 point white-tailed, a doe, and a fall turkey. Hunter Thompson shot an antelope and a mule deer. Jared Merriman, Logan Kress, and Anthony Rhodes have come up dry for this year so far.

Right now we are in bow season, which started September 27th. Youth shotgun season will be from November 22-23, and regular shotgun season will last from December 1st through December 7th. The last season will be muzzleloader, which will be from January 2nd to January 5th. Then it will continue onto bow season until February 1st.