Halloween Dance

Halloween Dance

The junior high Halloween dance was held on Saturday, October 25th in the auxiliary gym. The dance gave kids the opportunity to dress up, have fun and dance. Students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade had a great night and loved being able to dress in their Halloween costumes. Three eighth graders told us their opinions about the dance.

Chelsea Henderhan thought the dance was “pretty cool”, and she loved how everyone dressed up and hung out with friends. She said it was a good time.

Angel Dunn said that, “The dance was pretty fun when the kids weren’t focused on drama.” She also said that she liked how everyone dressed up and that it was a blast.

“The dance was amazing,” said Kailee Cole.  She said when one of her favorite songs came on, she and her friends fell when the beat dropped. Also, she said that this dance was awesome, and that it was one of her favorite ones.

It was definitely a good time by all and the junior high students cannot wait for their next dance.