Zeta Pink Ribbon Cheer Classic


Lisbon cheerleaders attended the Zeta Pink Ribbon Cheer Classic for Breast Cancer Awareness Month on Sunday, October 26th. Zeta Cheer Classic is a competition for cheerleaders to help raise money for breast cancer research. They have raised over 1 million dollars just in this year’s competition.

The all-day event was held at YSU; the DAHS cheerleaders were gone from 7am until 8pm. They performed at 3:30pm, and awards were held at 6pm. After they performed and got their score sheet from the judges, the cheerleaders were proud to say they recieved no negative comments, only a few minor suggestions that they will continue to improve. Though they did not win any ribbons or trophies, the cheerleaders worked together as a team on their cheer and dance and are proud of their performance. They have already started to think of what they are going to do next year for the Pink Ribbon competition.