Student Senate Members Attend Youth Leadership Summit


The Lisbon 8th grade Student Senate and other schools in Columbiana County attended a Youth Leadership Summit at Kent State University in Salem. This was a program designed to provide project opportunities for community service as well as many other ideas. The students heard an inspirational speech about accepting one’s flaws and not letting them get in the way of achieving goals. This speech was given by keynote speaker Justin Bachman. The students learned about the qualities of a leader, how to stand up and be a leader in both school and in various other environments, and how to help others dealing with conflict.

Several opportunities with leadership roles were presented including the Best Buddies Program, in which students have the opportunity to form a friendship with children with disabilities. The Volunteer Agency Fair provided the students with several ideas and projects which would help the community. The student senate members enjoyed this learning opportunity and hope to step up and be leaders for their school and community.

The Student Senate pictured from left to right: Logan Bell, Justin Sweeney, Karsyn Faulk, Madeleine Schreffler, Hailee Carpenter, Cadee Johnson, and Noah Yenges.