Football Spirit Week


Football spirit week is always a great way to get everyone excited for homecoming and to really let creativity and school spirit flourish. Spirit week also helps everyone have some fun and relieves a little stress. Spirit week brings everybody together and gives everyone who participate some fun memories to look back on in the future. As always, we had some students, such as Annestasia Cushman, Haille Metzgar, and Brooke Preston who dressed up every day and raised the spirit throughout DAHS.

This year’s spirit week kicked off with the return of pajama day and you did not have to look too far to find a participant. Students and teachers both participated in this comfortable day, sporting mostly plaid or blue devil colors. Twin day was on Tuesday and the JV and varsity cheer squad wore matching shirts and many other students “twinned” with their friends too. Camouflage day followed close behind and then American Day exploded onto the scene with flashes of red, white and blue everywhere. Some real American spirit was shown by Hannah Prasco, who wore all white pants with blue shorts and both a red and a white top. The week closed with a traditional Extreme Blue and White Day and everyone joined in on the classic day both in school and later at the football game.