DAHS Welcomes New Assistant Principal/Athletic Director, Mr. Walgate


Mr. Walgate is our new Assistant Principal/Athletic Director. He is a graduate of East Liverpool High School. After high school, Mr. Walgate pursued his degree at Youngstown State University and Salem International University. He was a teacher for Buckeye Online School and East Liverpool High School before he was hired for the Assistant Principal/Athletic Director position here at DAHS. He said that being an athletic director is different than being a math teacher and that they both have advantages. As a teacher, Mr. Walgate had direct interaction with the students. As an Athletic Director, Mr. Walgate sets things up for the students and the interaction is not as direct.

In his personal life, Mr. Walgate has been married to his wife, Karolynn, for five years. They have a little girl named Kendall, who is 19 months old. Mr. Walgate said he likes Lisbon and it is a great place to work. His favorite aspects about DAHS is how friendly, open, and outgoing the students are to him. He stated that everyone has been very welcoming, especially when he and his family attend events.