Study Tips for a New School Year


It’s a brand new school year and students are settling back into the old routine of homework, note-taking, and studying. It’s a stressful time for some, but here are some study tips to help you get on the right track for the new year.

1. Time Management

Get a calendar or planner just for school. This way you can write down your assignments and any after-school activities. Write test dates in your planner as soon as you find out about them. Then you can start studying the week of, instead of waiting until the night before.

2. Form Study Groups

Even if you are not a big fan of studying in groups, try something new! Grab some snacks, get together with a few friends and go over the material. I suggest meeting for an hour or two once a week or before a big test. This helps because you might know something someone else may not or your friend can help you on something you may not know.

3. Prep your Study Space

Make sure you study somewhere that is not cluttered. Remove the things that will distract you, like cell phones and TV. Try out the “Self Control for Study” app that shuts off notifications for certain apps for a set amount of time. It is free, and eliminates cell phone distractions!

4. Take Good Notes

Make sure to put the day’s date on all your notes; this helps because if you miss class you can ask your teacher for the date of the notes. Keep your notes for each class separated and color code your notebooks and binders for each subject. Rewriting you notes later that night can sometimes help you remember them, and you can make your notes neater the second time because you are not rushing to write everything down.

5. Do not stress

When you study, do it in sections. Never overwhelm yourself with too many subjects at one time. Get enough sleep, eat right, set priorities, and limit your commitments on nights before a big test. Taking on too many activities can jeopardize your grades and study/homework time. If you ever feel overwhelmed, take a break! Never stress yourself because then you will lose your focus and get discouraged. Take a break, eat a snack, maybe listen to some music and then get back to work. Studying right can really make a difference, and you can get on track for a great year.