Shrek is Coming to Lisbon!

Shrek is Coming to Lisbon!

In 2001, Dreamworks released a film that would change everything we thought we knew about fairytales, happy endings, and who got them. This summer, Stage Left will be recreating the magic onstage with their production of Shrek The Musical!

While the beloved film has been tweaked in its journey to the stage, several aspects have been kept the same; such as with the basic plot of the original film and beloved scenes such as the Muffin Man scene between Lord Farquaad and Gingy the Gingerbread man. The stage production delves deeper into the personal lives of the well-fated Shrek and Princess Fiona, such as Shrek’s origins and what it was like for Fiona in the tower.


Shrek: Jacob Ward

Fiona: Nikki Slaven

Donkey: Spencer Crosser

Lord Farquaad: Jacob Nash

Dragon: Sidni Worth

Pinocchio: Tom Kibler

Gingy: Logan Moff

Big Bad Wolf: Andrew Letscher



Three Pigs – Christina Fonner, Emma Kelly, Cameron Rife

Fairy Godmother – Kaitlin Gorby

Peter Pan – Carson Markley

Wicked Witch – Rosie Bresson

Sugar Plum Fairy – Mackenzie Blaney

Ugly Duckling – Savanna Wade

Three Bears – Jonathan Kurish, Sidni Worth, Ben Morgan

Mad Hatter – Olivia Ricciutti

Humpty Dumpty – Sidney Dailey

Elf – Ally Cooper

White Rabbit – Roc Worth

Little Red Riding Hood – Paige Johnson



Captain of the Guard – Ian McBride

Thelonius – Jonathan Kurish

            Tom Kibler

            Andrew Letscher

            Carson Markley

             Maddie Schreffler

             Jenna Althouse



            Christina Fonner

            Sidney Dailey

            Rosie Bresson

            Savanna Wade

            Mackenzie Blaney

            Maddie Schreffler

            Jenna Althouse



            Thomas Bleakney

            Andrew Letscher

            Carson Markley

            Roc Worth


Pied Piper: Olivia Ricciutti


Rat Tappers : Cameron Rife, Sidni Worth, Christina Fonner*

     (more could be added)


Three Blind Mice: Sidni Worth, Mackenzie Blaney, Rosie Bresson


Duloc Dancers : Paige Johnson, Christina Fonner, Sidney Dailey, Rosie Bresson, Mackenzie Blaney, Cameron Rife, Ally Cooper, Emma Kelly, Olivia Ricciutti, Savanna Wade, Logan Moff,  Kaitlyn Gorby, Sidni Worth


Villagers: Ally Cooper, Savanna Wade, Cameron Rife, Olivia Ricciutti, Emma Kelly, Jonathan Kurish, Thomas Bleakney, Andrew Letscher, Kaitlyn Gorby, Roc Worth, Paige Johnson


Shrek’s Parents: Kari Lankford and Vince Ward

Fiona’s Parents : Kandy Cleland and Clint Eastwood

Young Fionas: Maddie Schreffler and Jenna Althouse


The production will be directed by the talented Kandace Cleland.