Highlights of the Honors and Builders Trip

Highlights of the Honors and Builders Trip

Recently, the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders went on the annual Honors and Builders Trip. This year’s destination was Washington D.C. A few of the eighth graders told us what some of their favorite parts of the trip were.

“I liked the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier because it was very cool to watch the Changing of the Guard.” -Sierra Zarnosky

“One highlight of the trip to Washington D.C. was when we went to the White House.” -Hunter Oliver

“I liked the International Spy Museum. There were papers hanging on the wall and information about past spies. There were also tunnels you could crawl through.” -Sophie Wells

“The Cruise was my favorite because we got to eat a really nice dinner and dance with our friends on the dance floor.” -Kenedy Vrable

“I liked when we went to all the memorials and Arlington Cemetary. Baltimore Inner Harbor was another one of my favorites because it had so many restaurants and stores.” -Mackenzie Sturgeon

“It is amazing how many people sacrifice their lives for our country and I think it is good that we honor them with memorials.” -Jacob Mundy¬†

“The Wax Museum was very fun! It was so cool to see the wax presidents, celebrities, and famous athletes that we love and be able to get pictures with them.” -Samantha Tinsley

Some other highlights of the trip were visiting the Capitol, the charter bus ride, and, of course, shopping.