“City In Lights”: Prom 2014

City In Lights: Prom 2014

After months of planning, hours of preparation and hundreds of dollars spent on tanning packages, makeup, hair, dresses, tuxes, and shoes, it was finally the night the majority of the high school population of David Anderson has been waiting for: Prom. On May 2nd at 11:07  am, all students attending were released early to get ready for the big night. Girls curled, pinned, painted, and squeezed into their perfect dress so they would look perfect for the Parade of Fashions.

With the gym adorned with a spotlight moon, and skyscrapers and street signs just like in the city, the girls dazzled and  the boys charmed as they strode down a runway that New York City itself would blush at. Once everyone had made their way around the room, they sat in their chairs and watched as the Prom Court was formally introduced. With an introduction by Mr. Siefke, they sat and watched with anticipation and glee as Jenna Bartholomew was crowned Prom Queen and Logan Kress Prom King. Once the hoopla was over, Mr. Siefke sounded the buzzer and excused us to head out toward the Links at Firestone Farms.

The room was truly beautiful, with simplistic city decorations in an elegant room. A photo booth sat by a pair of doors that lead toward a balcony with a stunning view of the rest of the park. Many had a lot of fun with the photo booth which had an assortment of props such as mustaches, fuzzy hats, sunglasses, and feather boas. The line spanned back to the buffet table for nearly the entire night.

Preceding the prom festivities was a delicious buffet-style dinner with choices such as pork roast, juicy seasoned chicken, diced potatoes, and green beans. If there was any room left, we had the choice of rich cheesecake or decadent cupcakes and cookies at the dessert table. After dinner, we watched as the Prom Court kicked off Prom with the first slow dance of the night.

Once the dance was started, there was no stopping it. The DJ spun “classic” tunes from our youth such as “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” by Big and Rich, “Hollaback Girl” by Gwen Stefani, and “Cyclone” by Baby Bash, along with newer hits such as “#SELFIE” by The Chainsmokers, “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus, and “Happy” by Pharrel Williams. There was such an energy in the room that many had to go out on the balcony just to cool down.
The night ended with the Journey favorite “Don’t Stop Believin”. All of the seniors gathered in a group hug to sway and sing along to the classic tune that would define their last Prom. Freshman, sophomores and juniors joined around them to rejoice in the melancholy that came with it.

Everyone went home after that with aching feet, happy memories, and the excitement of after-prom at Kalahari the next day. We all had a great time that we will be not be forgetting any time soon.