Senior Opinion Poll Results

Senior Opinion Poll Results

The senior class voted and the Opinion Poll results are in:

Most Likely to Succeed – Brandon Haldiman and Jolly Graham

Best Looking – Logan Malik and Alexa Achberger

Most Musical – Thomas Kibler and Payden Chapman

Best Dressed – Jordan Rutecki and Alexis Summers

Most Spirited – Shawn McKinnon and Ana Sanor

Best Hair – Jesse Flugan and Jazmyne Pizzoferrato

Most Changed Since Freshman Year – Eric Walker and Alyssa Lane

Best Smile – Chase Johnson and Calen Otto

Most Athletic – Brandon Barnes and Carmen Phillips

Best Eyes – Jared Rohm and Jenna DIckson

Most Shy – Nathin Madden and Angel Burton

Best Dancer – Shawn McKinnon and MaKayla Swanson

Most Artistic – Kaleb Pickens and Kaitlin Coe

Nicest Car – Logan Malik and Alexis Summers

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day – Jared Rohm and Karlie Helman

Biggest Perfectionist – Lucas Tolson and Holly Graham

Most Likely to be Famous – Jagr Groubert and Jenna Dickson

Class Clown – Anthony Nguyen and Brianna Welton

Best Friends (Boys) – Austin Trapp and Eric Walker

Best Friends (Girls) – Calen Otto and Carmen Phillips