Life After High School: What The Seniors Plan to Do After Graduation

Life After High School: What The Seniors Plan to Do After Graduation

As we say goodbye to the seniors, we may wonder what is in store for them next. Below is the list of seniors’ plans for after high school. Good luck, seniors, in whatever you do!

Alexa Achberger – Xavier to study Psychology and go into the Peace Corps

Sebastian Baddeley – CCCTC for LPN program

Austin Barnes – Work at Pondi’s Restaurant as a dishwasher

Brandon Barnes – Kent or Y.S.U. (undecided)

Andrea Belden – Eastern Gateway to become a cop

Bailee Blythe – Tech School for EMT paramedic or criminal psychologist

Tiffany Bowen – Kent Salem for Nursing

Sarah Boyd – Kent Salem for Communications

Robert Carrocci – Tech School and getting a job

Payden Chapman – Ohio Valley for Medical Assistant

Cheyanne Chestnut – Hocking College for Veterinarian to work with horses

Kaitlin Coe – Working for Direct T.V. or Dish Network

Zachary Conrad – Undecided

Mileena Cook – Ohio University for Nursing

Allison Cosma – Kent Salem for Nursing

Jenna Dickson – Xavier or Dayton for Sports Medicine

George Dilling – Cosmetology school

Jeffrey Dotson – College to become a counselor or therapist

Jordan Everett – Hiram College for Environmental Science

Jesse Flugan – Lincoln Electric for welding

Kylie Gentry – PTI for Graphic and Design

Dakota Glenn – become a chef

Holly Graham – Mount Union or Kent, major is undecided

Catherine Grimes – Otterbein for Early Childhood Education

Jagr Groubert – Slippery Rock, Bachelor of Science degree and then doctrorate in physical therapy

Brandon Haldiman – Ohio State University for Chemical Engineer

Jeffrey Hall – Army

Karlie Helman – Kent for Physician Assistant

Spencer Hess – Da Cordon Blue in Florida for Culinary Arts

Tyler Heverly – Tech School for electrician and welding

Kyle Holloway – Vancaro Hardwood, working as a Skidder Operator

Kurt Holloway – College for Airplane Technician

Robert Hoover – Pitt Art Institution to become an animator

Haley Howe – Cosmetology license and work in a salon while going to Barber School in
Columbus or Akron. Eventually own her own salon.

Kelsie Hutton – Kent for RN

Jacob Jarome – YSU for Mechanical Engineering

Chase Johnson – Work

Chelsea Kerr – Notre Dame College for RN

Thomas Kibler – YSU for Chemical Engineering

Alyssa Lane – PTI in June for Accounting

James Larkins – Paint bridges, welding is a fall back

Nathin Madden – Kent for physical therapist

Logan Malik – Kent to become a lawyer

Darren Mcdole – Power-wash heavy diesel trucks

Shawn Mckinnon – Kent, undecided

Dakota Medley – Army National Guard

Anthony Nguyen – Tech School for welding, or go to special forces in the military

Calen Otto – Exchange Program for 1 year to Chile then to North Carolina for Air National Guard Reserve

Carmen Phillips – Mount Union or Bluffton for Secondary Education and Track Coach

Kaleb Pickens – YSU for computer system engineering

Jazmyne Pizzoferrato – Aveta for cosmetology

Russell Poling – Open his own welding shop

Jared Rohm – Kent Main for Buisness Management, eventually own his own bar

Dylan Royer – Air Force then College for Geology

Jordan Rutecki – Kent to become a Chiropractor

Ana Sanor – Kent Main for Computer Analyst

Zakary Smit h- University of Cincinnati for Law

Matthew Spencer – Kent for Communications

Angel Stull – College to become a Vet

Alexis Summers – Kent Salem for Nursing

Makayla Swanson – Kent Salem for Nursing

Hudson Thompson – Welding School

Lucas Tolson – Kent East Liverpool for Criminal Justice

Austin Trapp – Mount Union for Information Technology or Petroleum Engineering

Eric Walker – PTI for Culinary Arts

Brianna Welton – Cosmetology license and then work in a salon

Alexa Wilkes – Parmedic School while working as an EMT

Ryan Wilson – School (undecided)

Tyler Wolfe – Work at Chester Hoist

Matthew Workman – PTI for Computer Programming

Paige Wyss – Marine Corps