The Music Man Comes to Lisbon

The Music Man Comes to Lisbon

Stage Left’s production of The Music Man opened last Friday, February 7th at 7 p.m. and was directed by Nathan Kuhns. I made it to the Saturday showing, on February 8th.

The Music Man  is a musical that centers around Harold Hill, portrayed by Spencer Crosser. He is a con man who moves into a small town, posing as a band director who has no experience with leading a band. He convinces nearly the entire town to invest in instruments needed for such a band, with the pretense that it is morally stronger than the pool table recently added to the town. Along the way, he falls in love with Marian Paroo, portrayed by Elise Szabo, the strong-willed and intelligent librarian.

I found the overall production quite outstanding. The cast performed their lines and their songs excellently and professionally (with no more than four very minor line flubs), and the orchestration was very enjoyable.

The Music Man  will be showing again on Friday, February 14th at 7:00 PM, and Saturday, February 15th at 7 P.M. at the Trinity Playhouse.


Harold Hill –Spencer Crosser

Marian Paroo –Elise Szabo

Mrs. Paroo –Paige Johnson

Winthrop –Bobby Harris

Amaryllis –Anna Marshalek

Mayor Shinn –Andrew Letscher

Eulalie Schinn –Kaitlyn Gorby

Zaneeta –Sidney Dailey

Gracie –Cameron Rife

Tommy Djilas –Spenser Cox

Charlie Cowell –Aaron Kemats

Constable Locke –Carson Markley


Jacey Squires –Rosie Bresson

Ewart Dunlop –Sidni Worth

Oliver Hix –Jonathan Gant (1st weekend), Matthew Malloy (2nd weekend)

Olin Britt –Kaleb Pickens

Pick-a-Little Ladies:

Alma Hix –Savanna Wade

Ethel Toffelmeier –Lauryn Tod

Mrs. Squires –Aliyah Leyman

Mrs. White –Skylar Wiggers

Maud Dunlop –Logan Moff (1st weekend), Mikayla Shulas (2nd weekend)

River City Townspeople:

Aaron Kemats, Carson Markley, Annestasia Cushman and Sevannna Shields

 River City Teens and Kids

Emma Kelly, Morgan Croyle, Dylan Mauch, Ally Cooper, Julie Muntean, Natalie Spencer, Rachel Sinclair, Anna Sinclair, Cara DeChurch, Adam Spencer, Alivia Leyman and Cami Freeland