Valentine’s Day Gifts: Gifts for Your Guy Plus an Inside Look at What Girls Really Want


With V-Day right around the corner, the big question is: what should a girl get a guy on Valentine’s Day? In my opinion, the guys have it easy; the stores are filled with gifts that any girl would love, but you can’t just get a cute teddy bear for a guy. I think a girl should get a guy something meaningful to the both of them, or something they can do together.

The guy usually spoils the girl so in return, the girl should get the guy something that shows that she appreciates him. You could get your guy a picture frame with a picture of you together, or even make a scrap book of your relationship. Another idea (thanks to good ol’ Pinterest) is to get a deck of cards and write one reason you love or like him on each card so he has “52 reasons I love/like you.” Or if you want something a little less sentimental, but still thoughtful, you can make a movie basket, or pre-order movie tickets for a movie you know he wants to see. C’mon ladies, he takes you to movies all the time, the least you could do is sit through the latest action flick for him.

But what would a girl want for Valentine’s Day? You can not go wrong with a Teddy bear; girls love to have something to cuddle with when you are not around. Also, chocolate is a must. But if you want to win over a girl’s heart with chocolate on Valentine’s Day, you better get the good kind. I’m talking Lindor Truffles, Ferrero Rocher, or Ghirardelli. Or if they have a favorite type of candy, go with that. And flowers are always a nice gesture. We know, we know, they will die in a few days, but it’s the thought that counts.