Chihuly Art Sculptures


The 3-D art class’s muse for the semester was Dale Chihuly. Chihuly is an amazing artist who blows glass and pieces them to form beautiful creations of baskets, chandeliers, and venetians. Like Chihuly, the pieces the art class created were not done solo; it was a group effort. The art class was inspired to replicate the colors and flow of Chihuly’s art. The art class made the choices of color, mediums, and style based upon Chihuly’s work.
The classes were divided into 3 groups. There was “The Spectrum”, “Under the Ocean”, and “Over The Horizon.” The Spectrum is a hanging chandelier made from water bottles, acrylic paint, chicken wire, and rubbing alcohol. It was a long process for this group but the work paid off. Over the Horizon used warm colors to appeal to the viewer’s eye. It expresses new adventures with every rise and fall of the sun. The piece is made from colored inks and melted plastic table wear. Under the Ocean’s mediums were chicken wire, glue, dye and wood. Under the Ocean was inspired by Chihuly sculptures with a similar aesthetic.
What really set these sculptures apart was an added electrical element: all of the sculptures were illuminated. Various lighting fixtures were attached to the piece to give them an added punch. Whether the inspiration for their illumination came from the illusion it cast-that these pieces were really made from glass-or for purely an aesthetic effect, can only be determined by the team of artists that worked so hard on these outstanding sculptures.